The German Reformed congregation at Pine Hall (now St. Peter’s United Church of Christ) was organized in 1850 by Rev. P.S. Fisher. The Church was erected in the same year and burials were made in the churchyard in the 1850’s. Current cemetery grounds are located behind and to the side of the church building. A Lutheran congregation (Now the Pine Hall Lutheran Church) founded in 1844, constructed a church across the road from the cemetery in 1875.

In 1892 the Pine Hall Cemetery Association was incorporated thereby becoming a public cemetery separate from the two churches but governed by a board of six trustees made up of members of the two churches.

The cemetery currently has about eleven acres of developed land with over 3000 interments and about 4.8 acres of land to be developed.

The oldest known burial was in 1853. There are about 317 veterans buried in the Cemetery including 16 Civil War veterans.

The fifty flag poles along the cemetery roads were added in 1988 and dedicated during the May 28 1988 Memorial Day service. Col James T DeVoss first suggested adding flags to the cemetery and helped to plan the dedication. Each year The American Legion Post 245 raises and lowers the flags on patriotic holidays. On Memorial Day weekend fifty volunteers raise the flags simultaneously at the beginning of the Memorial Day service to the sound of a bugler playing The Colors.